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In Pursuit of Truth and The American Dream

They say that truth is stranger than fiction. I would have to agree. You can’t make this stuff up.

Hi. I'm Mel Valkner and I invite you to read my new book THE COMMON MAN, with enough twists and turns you will wonder if it's really true. If you like biographies, this is one of the most interesting books you will ever read. Guess that is what happens when you seek the truth.

Extremely entertaining (it reminded one reader of Forest Gump - except this is a true story), THE COMMON MAN will challenge what you think you know. And all this for about the same price as a value menu item at a fast food restaurant - but this will leave you satisfied! Mel-Valkner-Congress

After giving some background, God & Home, the first section, begins by recounting my coming home from the Vietnam War disillusioned, using drugs and groping for the meaning of life. Graduating from college in political science and philosophy, I set out to find truth at any cost.

My world was rocked upon the successive deaths of a good friend, father, brother and newborn son. I accepted Christ. Still, this was the just the beginning of adversities.

Committing myself to being a family man, job losses and business setbacks led me to seek a deeper relationship with God. I read the Bible through in its entirety year after year, for more than 30 years, and then after the events of 9/11 compared it to the Koran. You will be surprised at what I found.

In God & Country, the second section, I became concerned about excessive spending by the federal government under President Bush (too big to fail) followed by President Obama (redistribution of wealth) and joining the Tea Party started digging for more truth. While I agreed with phrases like "limited government," I wondered how it could be made legally binding.

When I ran on a third-party ticket against long-time Michigan incumbent Rep. Fred Upton in 2010, I spent months looking for the truth, trying to figure out how our Constitutional Republic strayed from the precepts of the Founding Fathers. How did we get so far from their intent of "American Exceptionalism," a concept fashioned by the Founders who understood an individual's right to self-determination and its unbreakable link of politics, religion and financial prosperity.

At long last I found the answer. Initially I thought the root of the nation's problems was of recent origins, but I was wrong. The ruinous multi-dimensional path to grow the federal government beyond the Founders' vision began in 1913. I discovered five major events affecting morality and diminishing our wealth resulting in a massive transfer of power from the People and the States to the federal government that is killing The American Dream. The result of these actions has been an unstoppable flow of money and power to Washington, D.C., and becoming an enemy of the Gospel prohibiting it at every turn in violation of the Constitution, that is causing many of the issues we are facing today

A sequence of steps must be followed to return to basics and counteract the bad choices above. These are not just "sound bites," but how to recapture The American Dream.

THE-COMMON-MAN-200THE COMMON MAN is not for the faint of heart. I've been told, "This is the stuff martyrs are made of." This will not be easy. It is a fight for economic prosperity, a battle for political freedom, and a spiritual war for the very soul and spirit of the American People. Not only is our individual liberty at risk, but the future of the world is at stake.

An eye-opening experience, THE COMMON MAN (265 pages) is only available in pdf and epub. The print is easily readable in PDF format even if you don't have a reading device. There are at least five chapters (Death and Life, The Koran, What Happened in 1913?, Disappearing Heritage, and Ten Fables of Madern Tyms) that are must reads.

By the way, THE COMMON MAN is exclusively available here. You will NOT find it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or anyplace else. Why not? Well, let's just say that's part of The American Dream.

To download a book for only $5.99 available in pdf or epub, click on THE COMMON MAN book cover OR in the navigation bar in the main menu.

P.S. I believe THE COMMON MAN to be one of the most influential books of our time. Don't take my word for it. See the below testimonies. Melvin Valkner

Book Testimonies...

What a character! - Rich Bowman

A fascinating story, enjoyed it - Joe Sanger

Finally, someone who has a clue - Richard Henderson

Can't wait to get home and read more - Melissa Ball

You have experienced much, thank you for sharing - John Briggs

Cannot help but be compelled to a clear course of action - TL Adamson

About Mel Valkner...

Mel Valkner, CPA is a life-long resident of the Kalamazoo, Michigan area. After serving in the U.S. Army with tours in Vietnam and Germany, he attended Western Michigan University (WMU) graduating with the double majors of political science and philosophy. Returning to WMU for two more years of business and accounting classes he eventually became a CPA and tax professional.

Leaving public accounting he became a healthcare administrator, financial executive in manufacturing, education and service industries, entrepreneur and author. He is a former First Vice-Chairman of the U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan (USTPM.org), Michigan's affiliate of the national Constitution Party.

THE COMMON MAN is dedicated to restoring The American Dream.

Ben Franklin said, “It therefore astonishes me, Sir, to find this system approaching so near to perfection as it does; and I think it will astonish our enemies, who are waiting with confidence to hear that our councils are confounded like those of the Builders of Babel.”


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I would love speaking at your event to inform your members of what is in our future if we do not turn things around right now.

If you would like me to speak, contact me at mel.valkner@gmail.com.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you and talking about how together, with a common vision, we can restore original intent.

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