Wise Government 09

Dear Mr. Madison,
“In matters of Power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” T. Jefferson



Once Upon A Time there was a great village, known far and wide for its virtue. None could compare to the Village of Ataboi for its judicious Old Chiefs of another era built the village with vast wisdom. The Old Chiefs inscribed the ways of truth on Scroll of Remembrance and posted them in Meeting Hall that their teachings might benefit the village forever.

Truly, the village had the blessing of HolyOne. His Spirit loved them, forgiving their iniquity and warning them of dangers. Nothing was impossible for the village. Many chiefs from distant lands came to learn of its ways even sending their most capable men and women to glean more knowledge from the Village of Ataboi.

Old Chiefs shared much love with Wethapepau. In fact, Old Chiefs believed Wethapepau should have the best seat at the table in Meeting Hall. This seat enabled Wethapepau to dictate Scroll of Remembrance that Old Chiefs inscribed for the village.

Throughout history of the village it was Wethapepau who had prepared lesser scrolls for the local Huts. Each Hut had a lesser scroll. As there were many Huts, there were many lesser scrolls.

So it was quite natural that Wethapepau dictated Scroll of Remembrance. In all its forms Scroll of Remembrance was to serve Wethapepau, its benefactor. Scroll of Remembrance was unique in that while it was the most important of all scrolls it was written to serve the lesser scrolls. A scroll like Scroll of Remembrance had never been seen in any village.

Of course creating any scroll was a most contentious endeavor. Inevitably, groups promoting this issue or that issue would have celebrations, Parties, when their position was incorporated into any scroll.

Loud and often obnoxious Parties came to dominate village life. They always demanded their own way, even becoming independent and seemingly a law unto themselves. They refused to celebrate with other Parties.

The tribe of Eeleat lived in the hut of Parties. Well educated but primitive in their behavior, Eeleat loved Parties and gave much effort to making their favorite Parties bigger than the others. The sense of importance that Parties gave Eeleat was a highly sought after feeling. Eeleat wanted more honor than anyone. How would they get it?

Within the ranks of Eeleat debate continued until the means was agreed upon. Once agreed upon, it was decided upon. Once decided upon it was enacted. Eeleat would establish a Master Plan of Dominion. Several steps were necessary. Eeleat would use Parties to meet his ends. When that time came they could change Scroll of Remembrance or perhaps replace it altogether with a scroll that would unite foreign villages under them.

Being seated at the table in Meeting Hall in the seat of Wethapepau was no easy matter. Wethapepau was jealous of his seat, and rightly so for no one had loving concern for the village in mind like Wethapepau. He was very strong and courageous. In fact, he was even much stronger than he realized.

Parties admired the seat of Wethapepau. When no one was looking Parties even sat down in Wethapepau’s seat.

Regularly Wethapepau came Into Meeting Hall for quiet reflection. This had been his manner since the days of his youth.

Scrambling to his feet Parties quickly arose from the seat of Wethapepau. What was the meaning of this? Had Parties been plotting to re-write Scroll of Remembrance?

As you would expect, the whole village was confused. Most denied this could be true.

Wethapepau recollected an Old Chief had advised them to restrain Parties for it “agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another…opens the door to foreign influence and corruption.”

After much deliberation, Wethapepau determined that TherdParties with more pure motives should be encouraged. But Eeleat managed to belittle the efforts of TherdParties for Eeleat was plotting an Eight-Step Master Plan of Dominion.

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Mel Valkner CongressMelvin Valkner, CPA is a life-long resident of the Kalamazoo, Michigan area. After serving in the U.S. Army with tours in Vietnam and Germany, he attended Western Michigan University (WMU) graduating with the double majors of political science and philosophy. Returning to WMU for two more years of business and accounting classes he eventually became a CPA and tax professional.

Leaving public accounting he became a healthcare administrator, financial executive in manufacturing, education and service industries, entrepreneur and author. He is a former First Vice-Chairman of the U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan (USTPM.org), Michigan's affiliate of the national Constitution Party. He remains Chairman of the Kalamazoo County affiliate.