Wise Government 26

Dear Mr. Franklin,
“The moral principles and precepts contained in the Scriptures ought to form the basis of all our civil constitutions and laws.” N. Webster


Living in the center of the village life was good for Eeleat. Having altered Scroll of Remembrance twice in the same year, Eeleat was giddy and disparaged Camonman. Such a thing was never heard in the village before.

Eeleat’s Eight-Step Master Plan of Dominion was falling nicely into place.

Debate carried on until the means was agreed upon. Once agreed upon, it was decided upon. Once decided upon it was enacted. Eeleat’s third step in his devious scheme to rule over Camonman was ready: Village Debt.

Eeleat authorized the secretive RicrvBenc, of the Big Biznes tribe, to value money. This conflicted with Scroll of Remembrance which stated, “Congress shall have the power… To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof.” Old Chiefs had twice disbanded the tribe of RicrvBenc, then known by different names.

Wethapepau began to take ill and failed to notice RicrvBenc’s usurpation.

RicrvBenc immediately set out to create Village Debt. They created a new currency with their very own name on it. Even though Takses were increasing, Eeleat spent more money than was being collected from Camonman. RicrvBenc supported Eeleat in wild spending. Everything was going according to plan.

Because Eeleat had little faith in Camonman’s ability to take care of himself, Eeleat demanded RicrvBenc print large sums of money to create work for Camonman or to send Camonman to fight wars in far away lands.

For his part, Camonman was worried about all the spending and Takses. It seemed the more Takses, the more the village had to borrow. It was all hard to understand.

Eeleat told Camonman to keeping working that good times were just ahead. All seemed to be well with the village for many generations but a rare disease was growing in the heart of the village.

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